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The Truth:

Look, it's been pretty hard for us to get quality video reviews or Video Demonstrations that shows the customer clearly, video isn't shaking all over the place, good lighting, doesn't have background noise, etc...

Most people are simply not photogenic and talking on the camera sounds scary to many, so we would really love your help. If you are interested or have more questions please respond ASAP!  [email protected]

A Video We Love:

The best videos have the product in use and talking about the product. Good lighting, natural, and have a few points in mind that can help carry the video. 

Not sure what to talk about? 

1. How it feels when using the device, pain free

2. You can use the device on your forehead, neck, jowls, etc, even hands!

3. It’s much cheaper doing this at home rather than a clinic

Only requires 10 min a day! 

  90 Days

32 Treatments

More vibrant skin, notice the crows feet, the lines under the eyes are substantially reduced, jowls, lines around the mouth.

  55 Days

18 Treatments

The main difference here is the crows feet.

  What is it & How is this Different?

Meet the Skintific Medical Grade Device

The main difference with the Skintific Device is the medical grade output power + 7 different wave lengths of light

This is important... 

In order to see any results, there needs to be sufficient output power to deliver the treatment deep enough in the dermal layers for the skin to respond.

Most handheld devices on the market simply do not have the output needed and do no more than standing under a household lamp... 

In order to see any positive results it’s required to have a wavelength of 850nm with a strong enough output power of 30,000 joules or more.

Medical Grade


Output Power of +40,000 Joules

It’s required to have a strong enough output power of +30,000 joules or more in a 10 minute session.

Stimulates all 3 layers of the skin

This device delivers treatment 3mm deep in the skin which stimulates all 3 layers of the skin.

7 Treatment options in 1

Now you can treat fine lines, tighten skin on neck, along with age spots, acne and more.

Pain Relief Option

There is an IR option that can also be used to help with pain as it stimulates circulation

Save $1,000s Per Year

Replace your spa visits and other at home tools with this alternative saving time and money.

  • Safe

  • Pain Free

  • Effective

The main difference here is that this is preventative and corrective. Rather than masking the problem or numbing it with injections.

Now you can revive certain areas for longer lasting results.

 Strength  you can Feel

Regenerative skin effects only occur under the correct range or “output intensity”. 

660 nm is Red visible light - which is more quickly absorbed in the skin. Then utilizing the full range of LED with 390-850nm accelerates and stimulates the healthy metabolism of skin cells, increasing collagen production, along with healing effects of the skin.

390nm - 850nm

It’s one of the few solutions on the market with no side-effects and can quickly accelerate the healthy metabolism of skin cells, increasing collagen production, along with the healing skin effects.

Please let us know ASAP that you are interested in shooting a video demoing the product

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