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How it works:

Email us back saying you are interested. Then take some time to create a Video or Image or Both! Please follow the instructions below!

Video Submission

It may take a couple tries, but these are our favorite! Here's how to do it :)

Step 1: iPhone Wiped Clean

Make sure the screen is wiped clean for a clear video.

Step 2: Choose a Bright Spot! Use the product in the review!

Outdoor lighting or bathroom lighting is the best! Or Choose a spot with light in the house!

Step 3: Don't know what to say? Try this!

1. Start: Why did you originally chose this product?

2. Routine: What is your routine with this product? 3 times per week?

3. Easy of use: Is it easy to fit in your routine?

4. Initial Results: What have you noticed so far? Have people commented the difference?

5. Advice: If someone is thinking to try this product, what would you tell them?

A simple example Video:

The best videos have the product in use and talking about the product. Good lighting, natural, and have a few points in mind that can help carry the video. 

Not sure what to talk about? 

How it feels when using it, LED light therapy helps tighten the skin along with rejuvenate the layers of the skin for long term lasting results, it's cheaper to get this at home than done in salons, it's pain free, you can use this on your neck, back of hands, and face. Only requires 10 min a day! 


For those with the best video submission we are going to add in a special bonus with our new skin devicePRO releasing in 3 months, you'll be sent a little surprise in email about this after submission!

Step 4: Done! 

Just be yourself, be genuine and it will turn out great :) 

Thank you! 

This means so much to us!

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