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Your Skin Transformation Journey!

Welcome to the Skintific Family!! We can't wait to help start your skin transformation journey! This video will cover exactly how to use the device along with some important insight on getting the device set up. We highly recommend watching the entire video.  We also included an updated manual that covers new features, please look through!


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Can I use this everyday?

 YES! There is no harm in using it everyday. The effectiveness of the Red light therapy greatly depends on the consistency of your use of the device. The mechanism of action of phototherapy is based on the stimulation of the epidermal and dermal cells, you are literally rebuilding and nurturing a new layer of the skin. That makes sense why using it everyday is absolutely allowed. The more time and effort you put into the treatment, the more predictable the outcome you can expect. We strongly recommend that you use the device for at least 3-5 min per area per session, for at least 3 times a week and as often as every day.

What parts of the body can this be used?

The effects of the red light therapy are consistent regardless of the area you apply it to. You can treat face area as well as neck, décolleté/chest, hands and arms. Any area really where you are noticing the signs of aging: whether it is age spots, wrinkles or simply lost of elasticity. 

Please avoid using it DIRECTLY on eye lids as the light does reach up to 3 mm deep, so to be safe, we do not want to affect any other tissues besides skin. 

Do I have to use the serum?

The short answer is - absolutely not. The purpose of serum is to enhance the treatment. If you feel that it is not easy for you to move the treatment head over the skin - putting a thin layer of the serum of your choice, will definitely solve that. Besides that – there is a heat mode that is accompanying the treatment, so expect the blood circulation to increase and that will in turn improve the absorption of any vitamin-rich product that you chose to use. We recommend that whatever you chose to use – has rather thin consistency and does not clog the device. Just make sure to wipe it off after the treatment. 

What does each light do?

Most of our customer will use 2 main modes – Red LED and Infrared Mode. To put it simply, Red LED – is excellent at stimulating collagen and cellular repair at the very surface of the skin. Infrared light – does that as well by reaching deeper layers. So it makes sense to incorporate both mode and alternate them or use Infrared + Red LED. Keep in mind that that particular function is touch activated, and if you use Red LED you can just hoover over the desired treatment areas.

If one of your main concerns is age spots – using Green light can be very effective as it causes to reduce production of melanin in the cells. It will also help with tiny spider veins or redness as it reduces inflammation.

If you are suffering from inflammatory acne – the Blue light is very effective. It works by disturbing normal metabolism of the acne causing bacteria, that is very sensitive to that wave length of light. Please keep in mind, that it will not however help much in case of hormonal cystic acne. 

If you would like to improve lymphatic drainage and have bags under your eyes, or you would like to improve skin hydration and help with reducing redness – Yellow light mode as well as Cyan are found to be really effective options for those issues.

Giving a dose of Purple light will activate telomerase activity and improve cell turnover rate. This will help to accelerate the process of revealing your new youthful layer of the skin. Please make sure to use sunblock regardless of visible light exposure to protect your skin from sun damage. 

We also recommend to gently exfoliate your skin and keep it hydrated. 

Think of it as a multi-layered approach, in order to achieve the best results!

If you would like to get more details on the scientific study about the low level light therapies, please check it out here - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4126803/

What if I have already had previous work done, can I use this still?

YES! LED Light therapy is indeed completely safe to use if you have any types of dermal fillers, it will not cause any acceleration in their breakdown.

Manual included In order!

When you receive your order, Please read through! 

It will help get you familiarized with the device:)

it's updated with the newest features, please read when you receive your order!!

Enjoy!! You will Love it!!

We are here on standby if you have questions or need assistance. The main thing is to be consistent and allow the device to rebuild the layers of skin from within! It takes time for the new skin to surface and show but use this consistently and see your new skin glow!! ♥️