How to Use Skintific LED Light Therapy Devices! 

**Applies to MAX LED Device or Regular!**

Step 1:

Make sure the Infrared Light Therapy device is fully charged before the treatment, the initial charge takes about 6 hours and you can return the device to its charging station after each use.

Step 2:

Remove make-up and thoroughly cleanse and dry your face and any other areas you are planning to treat. Do not apply oils or lotions before treatment.

Step 3:

Press the power button to turn the device on (Only lights up Red when Touched on skin). The touch activated sensor located in the treatment head will automatically turn-on the infrared lights once the device comes in contact with your skin.

Step 4:

Begin treatment by applying light pressure, in circular motion, spending 3-5 minutes on each area such as forehead, under eye area, jowls, neckline and décolleté. Please make sure to avoid the eyelids.

Step 5:

After completing each session, we strongly encourage you to apply a small amount of collagen boosting serum to the treated areas, followed by your favorite moisturizer. 

 To ensure best results, please treat the areas consistently in the first 4-6 weeks by completing 3-5 sessions per week. Once you achieved the desired outcome, you can maintain the results by treating the areas once a week.

Care Instructions ❤️

Wipe the treatment head of the device with clean dry cloth after each session. Don’t wash or immerse it in water.Return to charging station after each use to keep the unit fully charged and ready for the next application. 

Enjoy!! You will Love it!!